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Sectoral  Committee for Vocational Training in Environmental Protection (CSFPM)
About us
About us

Since its establishment, the Sectoral  Committee for Vocational Training in Environmental Protection CSFPM was involved in activities within the National Council for Adult Training and participated in projects developed under the PHARE program 2004-2005, designating specialists to be trained and to become experts in developing occupational standards.
CSFPM is an NGO, bipartite, participating in national and sectoral strategies in vocational and professional training and in developing the regulatory framework for training, assessment and certify the competence in environmental protection.
CSFPM gives an advisory opinion to applicants in order to update the Classification of Occupations in Romania, regarding the Occupations (jobs) in the field of environmental protection. Environmental specialists are recommended by CSFPM to analyze occupational competence and qualification, to define skills and qualifications in the sector, for development, verification and validation of occupational standards, for verification and validation of professional standards and professional skills assessment and certification based on occupational standards.

CSFPM founding members:

 Employers Federation of Environment in Romania – FEPIMEDIU;

 Federation of Unions of Environmental Protection field;

 Employers UNIMED;

 Employers' Association of Producers and Users of Industrial Equipment for Environmental Protection – UNIMED;

 Employers Association of Environmental Audit and Assessment – ENVIROEVAL;

 Professional Association of Environment Evaluators and Auditors for Industry - ECOEVALIND;


 Professional Association ECOIMPACT

Sectoral Committee for Vocational Training in Environmental Protection - CSFPM is a promoter of strategic project entitled "PRO COMPETENT! Qualification and certification of competencies for sustainable development" project funded by the European Social Fund and by the Government, throught Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development. Partners in the project are National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND, Association of Environmental Auditors and Evaluators in Industry - ECOEVALIND  Eurolink Consultants company, Scottish Qualifications Authority - SQA and Athens Network of Collaborating  Experts - ANCE.  

UE Financing

Since its establishment, CSFPM has undertaken several projects:

CROSS Project – with VAPRO–OVP – Holland - for training specialists and representatives of member organizations of the Sectoral Committee

Development and approval of a center for evaluation and certification of professional skills of adults in the environment - PRO MEDIU project, financed by the ESF.

CSFPM participated as a beneficiary in a series of projects type Phare coordinated by National Council for Adult Training for the development of National Qualifications Authority in Romania.

CSFPM was also involved in various projects related to quality assurance in CVT development of National Qualifications Framework. CSFPM benfits by the support of its members, entities and organizations with experience in the approached field and in the management of projects with external financing. (Eg PHARE - Development of human resources, Leonardo da Vinci, FP5).
Also, during 2007- 2008, CSFPM is involved in a project in an international program in which information visits were made and activities were held to train specialists for developing occupational standards and developing curricula for continuous training. Experts appointed to develop occupational standards and qualifications have already prepared and submitted a number of occupational analysis and occupational standards in 2008.
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